Rehearsal and Recording Studios in Downtown Manhattan
State of the art rehearsal and recording studios located in the East Village. Book a studio to check availability.
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The Space

Gonzo's is a space for musicians and DJ’s to rehearse, collaborate, socialize, eat, and drink all under one roof - in the middle of the East Village, downtown Manhattan.


6 ADA compliant, Soundproof (STC 50+), live rehearsal rooms with state of the art acoustical treatments, Fender backline amplification, the latest Pioneer CDJ’s, Mixers, and drums all exceeding industry standards.


50 person bar/lounge for showcase events in Studio A (the glass window rehearsal room adjacent to lounge) featuring state of the art sounds system.


2 Private VIP event lounges available for your next karaoke party.


1 State of the art Analog-Hybrid recording studio coming soon.


All studios are charged hourly at $35.00. Private event lounges are charged hourly at $20.00 per person. Book now to check availability.

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  • Each studio is equipped with Fender® equipment: 2 guitar amps, 1 bass amp, 1 PA, and 1 drum kit.

  • All studios are ADA compliant, Soundproof (STC 50+), and feature state of the art acoustic treatments.

  • Automated lock system controlled by booking, no code or keys required.

Private Events

Gonzo's is a perfect space for your next event. The space features a 50 person bar and lounge that sits adjacent to Studio A (a glass window rehearsal room that doubles as a performance room). Click below to book.

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